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The biggest stars from the world of Panna will gather together to do battle in the Live Sports Arena to win the FML CUP and CASH PRIZES




PANNA MANIA is at the UK’s biggest Football Fan Event in London – Football Mania Live 2023!


Welcome to the official webpage for Panna Mania where you can find all the details about the event.


The Tournament takes place 25thAugust to 28th August 2023!



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The Battle Arena 

Are you ready to do Battle?

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Registration Is Open!

Do you have what it takes to participate at Panna Mania 2023?

Register here for Panna Mania Tournament 2023

Your registration is fully complete once you have received confirmation as a registered player at which point you will receive your official invitation and you will be listed on the tournament roster.


All registered players will receive two additional FREE tickets to Football Mania Live 2023.

Please, note that all players must take care of their own expenses. An invitation merely grants access to the tournament to compete.

Players will compete for CASH PRIZES and the FML CUP TROPHY!

Register to get involved...


Panna Mania Tournament Information

What is Panna?

A panna is playing the ball through your opponent's legs. The ball may touch your opponent while playing it through their legs.


The ball must be in your possession in order for a ball played through the legs to count.


The Panna Officials will have the final deciision.

Panna 1 v 1 Rules

1. Matches are played one against one


2. Matches begin with each player touching their own goal and the referee will release the ball in to the centre to begin the match


3. Matches are 3 minutes long.

a. If no panna at end of 3 minutes the highest score wins.

b. If score is tied there will be two minutes of sudden death overtime.

c. If neither opponent can score, the game is decided with a coin toss.


4. A Panna ends the match. See definition above.


5. Shots on goal must be taken from the offensive half of the court to count as a goal.


6. The player in possession of the ball must shoot on goal or attempt to create a panna within 10 seconds.


7. Fair Play Rules – The following is not permitted:

· Dangerous play

· Physical contact such as holding onto your opponent, or clothing

· Obstruction (through use of body or arms to stop your opponent)

· Holding onto any portion of the match perimeter.


8. In the event of a foul the opponent gets the ball and play continues once both players are in front of their respective goals.


9. If a foul is committed while an attempt is made at scoring or making a panna, the referee or official may decide to allow the goal or panna at their discretion.


10. In the event of a major foul, or multiple minor fouls, the referee or official may, at their discretion, award a point for a goal.


11. During important matches such as elimination matches, the referee may be assigned a second referee in addition to an official. The official has the ability to overrule the referee during and immediately after the match.


12. In keeping with the spirit of the international game, fair play and respect at the is paramount. Players who do not adhere to these rules may be disqualified. In the event of a disqualification.

Youth Tournament Adjustment (Applies only to 9 - 12 age group)

Panna's during the match will count as 3 points. The game continues with the ball starting with the opponent who was panna’d.

Tournament Format



The goals for the panna tournament are standard size - approximately 3′ 5″ wide by 2′ high.


Opening Qualifier Rounds


1. Each Division (i.e Pro 1v1 Panna, Youth 1v1 etc.) is broken up into groups of four.


2.1 Each player (1v1),  will play three opening round matches.

2.2 Wins are awarded 1 point, 0 for a loss, there are no ties.


3.1 After opening round matches top two players/teams from each group advance to elimination rounds.

3.2 In the event of a tie in points the deciding factor is based on the head-to-head result.


Elimination Battle Rounds


1. Elimination matches will be established with top teams matched against lower ranked teams. (i.e. two teams, each with 9 points in opening rounds, would not play each other in the first round of eliminations)


2. Elimination Rounds continue until we have our finalists.




Our finalists battle it out for the Cash Prizes in each tournament category and the FML CUP Trophy


Have additional questions? Get in touch.

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