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Destination: Football

The game has changed... With our continued commitment to support grassroots football we are forging new collaborative partnerships with companies that have common goals - supporting players from youth football, connecting players, parents and managers. Football Mania Events is proud to partner 'Spotted By'. Spotted By - Destination Football The football social media and scouting app that puts you in total control - whether you’re an aspiring football player, parent, football scout or grassroots football coach. Designed for players aged 7+ to showcase their talents directly to pro football scouts and grassroots coaches. We have `Premier League and EFL clubs using our app, along with non-league and grassroots clubs. Players have successfully been invited into trial with these clubs, and some have progressed to signing. Football scouts and grassroots coaches can use advanced search tools to view, shortlist and communicate directly with players (if over 18) or parents (if under 18). A game changer for grassroots football scouting - see football players before they come in on trial, a more effective and efficient way of scouting and signing players. Players can follow and like fellow players within the Spotted By social community and choose to share videos with the social media community or directly to football scouts. Some of our players are selected for Spotted By Elite squads – having the opportunity to play against academy teams such as Manchester Utd. A safe secure digital platform where all football scouts and grassroots coaches are verified. If you love football, you’ll love Spotted By...

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