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Grassroots and the Power of Football

They're over 40,000 active grassroots football clubs and teams in the UK with more than 12 million people playing at grassroots level according to the Football Association statistics and it has a value of £10.8 billion in England alone.

Football Mania Events are keen supporters of Grassroots football and in particular junior grassroots level as providing access to youth football and encouraging our youth in to sport generally is so important as it delivers so many benefits to young children wanting to get involved in the sport and grassroots makes football available to everybody providing an opportunity to play. According to recent surveys 33% of 5 – 16 year-old’s play football and this number is growing particularly with the increase in girls football having seen a 15% increase in female youth teams since the Women’s Euro 2022 success.

The power of football is un-measured but all parents know the benefits of their children participating in and playing football or any sport is rewarding on so many levels; · Provides a healthier lifestyle · Improves social interaction and social inclusion · Stimulates interest in the game · Develops talent and knowledge of the sport · Encourages self-discipline · Promotes development of young players

It must be said that while not all kids coming in to the sport and playing at grassroots level will go on to become football superstars but there is no doubt that participating and playing helps channel their energy and focuses their interest in to something very positive and they will undoubtedly reap the many health and social benefits as a result which will pay dividends over time as they learn new life skills and develop in to adults.

Hence continued investment and support in grassroots football is vitally important for our children and our communities, and on a wider level, for our country to progress and continue to be recognised as a sporting nation of football lovers.

Promoting and supporting grassroots football is at the heart of Football Mania Live - our family friendly football fan exhibition event for fans of all ages to enjoy and celebrate ‘The Beautiful game’.

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